Weekly Listing: You Gotta Listen

I used that word audiophile to make myself seem a lot smarter, but I thought I should follow up with a list of tracks that I can't get enough of. If you get bored of reading and just want to listen, scroll to the bottom and jam out with me.  

  1. Lucy Dacus – I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore
    IF YOU DIG: Memoryhouse, Kate Nash, Aubrey Plaza in the form of a song

    This song is just everything you want. Driving guitar, smooth vocals and simplistic lyrics that don't have you guessing what you're even doing at Hotel California 14 minutes in. The message is plain and simple. You want to be one person but your friends have just classified you as this one-dimensional fool. 'I don't want the joke/to be on me' sums up the song in less than 140 characters, but Dacus. Her debut No Burden drops this month but for now, just take in this sample.

  2. Darondo – Didn’t I
    IF YOU DIG: James Brown, Otis Reading, Pimps (like real pimps)

    Rumour has it that Darondo was a pimp. Not a 50 Cent P.I.MP. but a straight up pimp. Ladies always around him, driving up in his Rolls, this guy had it made. Didn't I first dropped in 1973, and sold 35,000 copies after heavy play on public radio in San Francisco.  He's opened for legends like James Brown and did I mention he was a janitor with a penthouse (read: pimp). If you like soul and want to feel like you are at a truck stop in nowheresville, USA after your girl left you high and dry for a DJ (it happened on Netflix's Love so you know it can happen to you), listen to this and contemplate if you gave it all.  

  3. clipping. – Work Work
    IF YOU DIG: Run the Jewels, Heems, Grammy-winning musical Hamilton

    “clipping. makes party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to, the car you don’t remember getting in, and the streets you don’t feel safe on". clipping. is also fronted by Daveed Diggs who plays Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton, the hip-hop musical (these are real I am told). Coolest thing about clipping? They don't like to use drum sounds. On Work Work, they decided to break a cinderblock for a snare effect. If you want to know about how wild these guys can get, listen them break down the song on Song Exploder 

  4. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario
    IF YOU DIG: Music.

    Two things: 1) Watch Dope. Killer soundtrack (if you like Hip Hop) and great story telling.  2) Who's that, brown! is my favourite sample that everyone needs to use more

  5. Pup – DVP
    IF YOU DIG: You Blew It!, Sorority Noise, Reminding yourself that you are from Toronto

    Do you remember Warped Tour? Or all that time you spent at the Wreckroom listening to obscure local punk bands that had 15 name iterations and now don't even exist? That's how I felt when I first came across Topanga. They were named after my dream girl, how could I not like them? But I didn't. Then they became Pup. I still didn't like them. Then DVP dropped and I lost it. This became my anthem and I love it. New found love for these guys taking me back to the time where I wore a lot of plaid and my goal in life was to be Hank the Pigeon.  Three beers and I'm so messed up / get drunk and I can't shut up. That is me in a lyric.