Weekly Listing: I Dare You To Tell Me You Don't Like Drake

I think it might be because I am from the 6ix (aka the city formally known as Toronto), or maybe it's because I follow Norm Kelly on Twitter but I love Drake. Like since he was a little Degrassi boy, I've loved this man. 

Sometimes I get a lot of flack for that but think about this. When you think Drake, you know he's from Toronto. When you think Toronto, Drake comes to mind. In a few years, October's Very Own has elevated himself into your referent system and has made himself synonymous with Toronto. As the young folk would say, that's lit fam. 

But the one thing about being a huge artist is having people love to take what you create and make it their own. They mix down tracks to create an entirely new song that transcends the Six God. They put together tracks that Meek Mill would try and hop on and just tank. Or tracks that the Halal Gang wish they were on.  

ANYWAYS here is my list of my top 5 Drake remixes you gotta listen to.

1-800-HOTLINE BLING (Dojo Remix)  
BEST TIME TO LISTEN: When you want some AM Drake without judgement

I dig this. A lot. Why? Because I feel like this is the closest you can get to morning Drake when you wake up alone and you are completely lost because you are hungover. Or on the other hand, it's kinda nice to wake up to your phone ringing but you don't actually have to pick it up because it is the sweet sounds of hotline bling.

JUNGLE (Lege Kale Remix)  
BEST TIME TO LISTEN: When you're on a Bleeding Gums kick but miss Drake

Jazz me up and watch me go. Smooth sounds of Drake with some sax makes for a track that even Lisa Simpson can spin. 

Jumpman Jumpmang (Julia Lewis Remix)
BEST TIME TO LISTEN: When you need hype but have no hypeman. 

I just play this and think of a bunch of people hanging in a both just laughing as their homie is on stage trying to drop his mixtape. I don't know why but its the anthem for those guys. 

Know Yourself (Ekali Remix)
BEST TIME TO LISTEN: At Babylon, playing fooseball.

This song just always plays when I'm there. In the back. Playing fooseball. Like is there any other reason to go to Babylon? But yeah Ekali always kills it everyone needs to listen to this Canadian dream. 

Too Much (GXNXVS Remix)
BEST TIME TO LISTEN: Classy, but Drake. 

Do you ever want to listen to Drake and pretend like you're not. Well... here you go.